COVID-19 - Riding School

COVID-19 Safety & Welfare Protocols for All Students

All riders must adhere to the following:
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will be denied entrance.
  • Entrance will be by appointment only.
  • All non-riders (i.e. parents, friends etc.) will not be allowed beyond the parking lot.
  • The lounge and office are strictly out of bounds.
  • Washroom access will be permitted.
  • Riders will wear helmets the entire time they are on premises.
  • Riders will be required to use the “SANITIZATION STATION” before they enter the building, before they start grooming and before leaving the building. These stations will be set up outside the barn entrance doors and in front of the tack room. **Please note: students wearing gloves to groom or ride must spray their gloves with sanitization products before they begin tacking up or riding.
  • Riders will arrive 30 minutes before their lesson to groom and tack and must leave 30 minutes after their lesson. No loitering.
  • Students will be expected to thoroughly clean tack with the saddle soap provided and water after their ride. Additional tack cleaning stations will be set up outside in the wash stall bays in our efforts to maintain social distancing and reduce traffic in the barn.
  • There shall be absolutely no sharing of equipment.
  • Equipment such as saddle pads, boots, brushes etc. will be sanitized by our staff. Please return all equipment to its designated place.
  • No personal tack or equipment other than riding apparel will be permitted at this time. (i.e. no polos, saddle pads, brushes, etc.)
  • Safe distancing protocols will be enforced (a minimum of 2 meters while on the ground, and the normal 2 horse lengths apart while mounted). Instructors will do tack checks wearing a face covering.


In addition, our staff will continue the heightened sanitization processes that have been implemented since the Covid-19 Pandemic started. This includes anti-virus sprays on all door handles and common surfaces.

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