Additional Horse Riding Programs

For students looking to do more riding outside of their weekly lesson, we are happy to offer extra riding opportunities and programs. These events provide more time in the tack as well as new and exciting challenges!

Course Night

Course night is a clinic held each month from October - June on Friday evenings.

This clinic allows riders who are confident in walk, trot, canter and jumping consistently in lessons to practice their skills over a jump course. Riders are organized by skill level into groups for a 1.5-hour session.

The ride is divided into two parts: a flat class (with no jumping), to focus on position; and a jump round, where students are given a course of jumps to ride through. This is an excellent opportunity to receive additional feedback and get more time in the saddle! Speak to your instructor about participating in the next course night or drop by the office to register.


Year-End Schooling Show

All riders are invited to participate in our Year-End Schooling Show!

This friendly, fun competition allows students to demonstrate how much they improved in their riding lessons. Even better than that, it’s a great opportunity to show off to family and friends!

Rookie rider @ York equestrian

Rookie Rider is a program created by Ontario Equestrian, our provincial sport association.  Rookie Rider provides the opportunity for children to experience the joy of equestrian sport in a safe fun-filled way.

York Equestrian Riding School is proud to offer this program and believes it is an innovative way to introduce children to the sport.  The program teaches activities and skills that are fundamental to success in horseback riding.  It includes basic gymnastics on mats, on a “barrel horse” and concludes with an introduction to riding.  This program is a very safe opportunity to introduce children to horseback riding that will hopefully become a passion we can all share.

Equestrian Canada Rider Levels

The Equestrian Canada “Learn to Ride” program, or rider levels, provides the national standard for English riding education and horsemanship. Riders are rewarded with certificates of achievement for each level (1 - 10) that is completed.

This program provides riders and coaches with an attainable progression while developing well-rounded equestrians. Rider Level Camp is a 2-week program that works toward obtaining rider levels; it includes riding lessons, exam preparation, and an evaluation.

Visit Ontario Equestrian or Equestrian Canada for more information on the Learn to Ride program, or click here to learn more about York’s Rider Level Camp.


“There are horses for every level, so there's always a new challenge. I love my riding lessons at York!”