Equestrian Canada Rider Level Program

Horse Rider Level Program Guide

What is Rider Level?

The Equestrian Canada “Learn to Ride” program is a national program based on current standards of riding and the Canadian Long-Term Equestrian Development model. The English Learn to Ride program includes levels 1-10. 

The purpose of this program is to produce well-rounded horsemen and women, who are able to care for and ride their horses in a correct, safe manner. 

This program is suitable for recreational riders as well as riders that are looking to be competitive. 

Once riders are ready, they are evaluated by a certified Equestrian Canada Evaluator.

York Equestrian is proud to offer the Equestrian Canada Rider Level Program during each September to June lesson season. 

This program will be broken up and administered starting in October and progress to the evaluation in June. 

To prepare students for the final evaluation in June there will be Rider Level Prep Nights held one Friday evening a month from October to May.  These are non-riding horsemanship lessons focusing on the skills and knowledge needed for the practical horsemanship and written portions of the evaluation. 

These evenings offer a safe and fun introduction and continuation of learning about horses and horsemanship skills.  It offers the opportunity to practice “hands on” horsemanship outside of the regular lesson program in a group setting with like minded peers.

Riders will prep for the riding portion of their evaluation in their regular weekly lessons.  As we follow the Rider Level Curriculum in our regular lesson program riders will be sufficiently prepared by June.

How to get involved

Students will be able to sign up for the Rider Level Evenings which will take place on Friday evenings. 

There will be one evening each month for Rider Level 1 & 2 and a separate evening each month for Rider 3 and up.  The beauty of this program is that these evenings are not exclusively for riders evaluating in June. 

If a rider wants to come out for a Friday night to further their education they can!  All current students are welcome! 🙂

In June, riders will be evaluated to achieve their Rider Level.  If a rider or coach does not feel ready to evaluate, they can wait for a later evaluation date. 

Rider Level is all about education and not about the “test”.  Our goal is to make this program more accessible to all our riders.

What Level are you?

If you have never done the Rider Level program you will start with Rider 1.  If the instructor believes you can challenge a level and start higher, they will let you know.  If you still are not sure please check in with your instructor or the office for further feedback.

Rider Level Evening Dates

The evenings will run from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm with the exception of evaluation dates.  Times will be sent out separately for evaluations.


Rider 1 & 2

Friday October 6

Friday November 3

Friday December 1

Friday January 12

Friday February 2

Friday March 1

Friday April 5

Friday May 3

Rider 3 and Up

Friday October 20

Friday November 17

Friday December 15

Friday January 26

Friday February 16

Friday March 22

Friday April 19

Friday May 17


Rider 1&2: Friday June 7

Rider 3 and Up: Friday June 21


What if I can’t make every Rider Level evening?

Attendance on Friday evenings is not mandatory however, if you wish to evaluate in June your success will be directly linked to your attendance to these education evenings. 

If the instructor or you do not feel you are ready to evaluate due to lack of preparedness you will not be evaluated.


“Honestly the best barn ever! The staff are all so helpful, respectful and informative! The instructors never fail to teach a fun and enjoyable lesson! The horses are all equally amazing and are a pleasure to ride! The grounds are beautifully maintained! I have been riding here for many years now, and I can say with certainty that riding here will......”